TMJD Treatment, Occlusal Splints, Night Guards

Do you suffer from headaches or a sore jaw? It’s possible you may have a common condition called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD), and require TMJD treatment.

What is TMJD, and what are the causes?

TMJ disorder is a syndrome when people experience pain in the jaw. TMJD is believed to occur as a result of clenching the jaw or grinding teeth (bruxism) at night, arthritis, stress from daily life, trauma that may have caused injury to the jaw/joint, or, perhaps the jaw is misaligned and off-balance. Whatever the reason may be, the symptoms of TMJD can be both painful and uncomfortable. Let’s explore our symptoms.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

You may be suffering from TMJD if you are experiencing locking or clicking of your jaw, popping sounds in your ears, sore facial muscles, head/ear ache, stiff or pained muscles, or soreness near your temples. There are various home remedies that can help alleviate some of the symptoms of TMJD such as cooling the joints with an ice pack, gently massaging or stretching the jaw and neck, or limiting/reducing stress in your environment. When these measures do not work for TMJD treatment, there are other options such as an occlusal splint/night guard or Botox.

TMJD Treatment - Occlusal Splint/Night Guards

An occlusal splint or night guard is a dental appliance that is designed to prevent your teeth from grinding against one another while you sleep. It is a diagnostic, relaxing, repositioning, and reversible device. Fabricated from an acrylic resin, night guards are used to correct the bite by forcing the jaw to sit in its correct position. The goal is to relieve pain by enforcing stability and balancing in the jaw. Botox has also been used as a remedy for painful circumstances related to TMJD, working to the relax muscles in the jaw.

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