Mouth and Sports Guards

Do you grind your teeth at night? Do your children play  sports or take part in other action-packed activities? Mouth and sports guards could be a big help!

Whatever the reason for added risk, protect the chances of accidental tooth damage with a custom-fitted mouth or sports guard from our dental clinic in Fort Saskatchewan. From the oral appliance family, mouth and sports guards are devices worn in the mouth to protect the teeth, gums and tongue from trauma that may occur to the head or face. Our mouth and sports guards are custom-made to fit as seamlessly and comfortably as possible in your mouth. Sports guards are vital to athletes and young children who participate in sports and other activities; however, anyone who suffers from teeth-grinding (bruxism) is also a good candidate for this oral appliances as they help to protect the teeth from further harm.

Benefits of a mouth and sports guards

  • They help to prevent the breaking or chipping of teeth during activities.
  • They aid in preventing injury to the mouth, jaw, head and neck during action-packed activities.
  • They help to prevent teeth-grinding.

What to expect when you visit Fort Dental Health Group for a mouth or sports guard

Our mouth and sports guards come in a variety of colours, and are custom-made to fit your mouth. Each mouth guard is carefully fabricated from a mold of your mouth. When your dental appliance is ready, you will come in for a fitting where we will ensure that you’re able to swallow, breathe and speak with ease. Finally, you will leave with your brand-new mouth guard. Not only will this new dental appliance look cool on the field, but it will give you peace-of-mind knowing that the sports guard is helping to protect you and your kids from injury to the mouth.

If you have any questions about a mouth or sports guard, give our dentists in Fort Saskatchewan a call - 780.998.7165!

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