Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, lingering hot or cold sensitivity, tender or swollen gums, or darkening of the colour of your tooth, you may require root canal treatment.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal therapy is the treatment of choice for severe tooth pain caused by decay or infection in the tooth pulp. Often patients believe removing the tooth completely is the solution; however, there are several costly and painful complications that can arise from a missing tooth, such as shifting of the adjacent teeth, damage to the teeth opposite the space due to over chewing on one side, or gum disease due to crooked or shifted teeth becoming difficult to keep clean. All of the above are not ideal, therefore you may want to consider root canal therapy as an option. Root canal therapy has a high success rate and usually lasts a lifetime (although on occasion, a tooth may need to be retreated if a new infection occurs).

Signs and symptoms you may require root canal treatment:

  • You have an abscess (or pimple) on the gums.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food that lingers.
  • Severe toothache pain.
  • Swelling and/or tenderness of the gums.
  • Darkening of the tooth.

What to expect when you have root canal therapy

At Fort Dental, we take your comfort and trust seriously, and ensure to take all the precautions necessary to help you feel at ease throughout your treatment. In addition to freezing agents, we offer our patients various sedation options to help ease anxiety, and ensure you’re comfortable before the procedure commences.

Once you’re ready, our dentist will gently remove any infected tissue and decay from the canal space in the root of your tooth. Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, it will be sealed and filled with a composite, tooth-coloured filling to cover the opening on top of the tooth. Often a dental crown will be placed over the tooth to protect and prevent it from breaking in the future. After your root canal treatment, your tooth should be restored back to its natural function, and we will send you home with aftercare instructions, and peace-of-mind knowing that we saved your tooth!

If you have any questions about your oral health or root canal treatment at our dental office in Fort Saskatchewan, give us a call! 780.998.7165.

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